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Finding low-toxin, durable cookware can seem almost impossible, and searching for the ultimate skillet is definitely an overwhelming task, but we’re here to show that it is possible and we have found it! The impressive nöni skillet hits the mark as a fantastic addition to your kitchen, all thanks to an innovative man named Mark James Henry and his fantastic company known as Solidteknics.

Solidteknics Noni Review: The Best Skillet You Can Buy?

Solidteknics started as an Australian based company and has since progressed into manufacturing in Chicago as well. They have a history of forging high-quality cookware in Australia for many years, and some of their products are finally available in the USA. The review unit we received is the US version of their nöni skillet, which is constructed of solid 1/8-inch highly conductive non-nickel ferritic stainless steel. It is said to “hold heat and resist warping better than nickel stainless steel” and to “cook like iron but clean like stainless steel.”

Solidteknics also states that this skillet is “more conductive than all the old clad multi-ply cookware that has dominated at the top end for decades.” The kitchenware doesn’t need aluminum or copper clad layers because of their use of ferritic (non-Nickel) stainless, and it is nothing like your clad austenitic (Nickel) stainless. This brings the nöni line as close to non-toxic cookware as it gets!

Build Quality

The “patented one-piece and rivet-free construction” is supposed to be easier to keep clean and avoids loose handles over a period of use. In simpler terms, this skillet is made of a single piece of stainless steel, from the tip of the handle to the bottom of the pan. Because of this, the nöni kitchenware is safe for induction, electric, gas, BBQs, and even fire pits! Solidteknics features a multi-century warranty, meaning they stand behind their products for an infinite amount of time and will forever replace all genuine warranty claims for defects.

The dimensions for their range of products can all be found on their website, but for this specific nöni skillet (according to the description on Solidteknics USA) the length is 20.3” with a diameter of 10”. The height of the handle is 2.9” and the height of the bowl is 1.57”. The base of the skillet which touches the stove comes in at 8.66” and it is said to have a 1.75qt capacity and weighs in at 3.3 lbs. 

nöni skillet unboxing

Using the Nöni Skillet

Upon opening the box we knew right away we had just found the new king of our kitchen. Although the immediate thought to just hang it on the wall and use it as décor did cross our minds. It was just too pretty to even use! The minimal design and simplistic nature of this skillet are two of its main features, and less is really more. After over decade of experience cooking with poor quality and toxic pans, we were excited to take this cookware from Solidteknics to the kitchen and cook some delicious food in it.

The nöni skillet is built to last generations and that is immediately evident. The solid one piece design is simply breathtaking and unlike any other cookware we’ve experienced. No screws, bolts, or extra hardware to be seen. Just heavy enough to feel like quality, but not weigh your arm down and the weight is evenly distributed. Compared to Lodge’s cast iron skillet, this pan has a much more balanced weight distribution and could be comparatively described as lightweight. It also feels easier to wield than the Always Pan.


The long handle is one of our favorite little touches and has the United States map carved out of it along with a heart and extra slits toward the body of the pan that allow the heat to disperse, which means the handle is always able to be touched without worry of it being hot. This is the opposite of most one-piece skillets such as popular cast iron models which heat the handle to uncomfortably hot temperatures shortly after the body. The nöni skillet’s ability to let off heat before it makes it to the handle speaks to the incredible thought that went into its design.

The bottom of the pan also has the US map etched into it along with Henry’s initials, an X to mark the spot (Chicago), the date in which is was manufactured, and the edition all encircled by the name and material makeup of the pan. Talk about everything you need to know about this useful piece of art! 


The bottom is relatively thick to disperse heat evenly, but it still heats quickly and cools quickly and effortlessly, much better than other skillets we’ve tried. We’ve cooked up eggs and chicken, roasted peppers and onions, toasted slices of bread and much more on this beauty already and can safely say that anything you cook on this workhorse will be fantastic. It’s a versatile piece of kitchenware with great heat retention while cooking that is oven-safe, relatively lightweight, and easy to clean.


The after-meal cleaning really is a breeze, even when it comes to the notoriously difficult scrambled eggs residue, because all we had to do is soak it for a bit and anything stuck on came right off with minimal scrubbing. 

Along with cleaning, one of the best features of this pan is the worry-free cooking that can be done with it! No need to fuss about scratching the coating off because there are no toxic coatings to be found, meaning you can use metal cooking utensils without issue unlike other options we’ve tried including the Always Pan skillet, which is susceptible to scratches which can compromise the coating. Wooden and silicon utensils also work great on this skillet. This truly is a piece that will last generations. 

nöni skillet with food

Summary of the nöni skillet

Would you find it silly if we told you we try to find any excuse to cook these days just so we can use our nöni pan? This is perhaps our #1 favorite piece to have ever reviewed over here at SelectedText. Trust us when we say run, don’t walk, to go grab this piece of cookware you’re certain to fall in love with. Everything about the nöni skillet feels just right. The thoughtful design, durable build quality, safe materials and multi-century warranty make up an incredible, buy-it-for life skillet with multi-generational use. We can definitely recommend this Solidteknics product to anyone interested in a one-and-done product.

You know what else we’re excited about? Solidteknics has even more cookware to explore, including wrought iron pans in all shapes and sizes! We’ve already reviewed a few Solidteknics products can’t wait to keep adding to our collection and sharing what we learn about each piece with others. You can purchase a noni skillet or any of the family of products for yourself on their US store or pick up the Australian iron variety on Amazon.

If you enjoyed this article, check out our review of the 14-inch BIGGA skillet from Solidteknics! Thank you to Solidteknics for sending us the 10″ nöni stainless steel skillet to review.

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