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Selected Text is a publication which focuses on in-depth reviews of technology and lifestyle products of quality. Our content is carefully selected and written to be your single destination for quality reviews, ensuring you read only the best possible coverage.

We aim to cover products we use and love personally, and our articles are written to convey the reasons why we enjoy or find use in the product, so you can determine if it would benefit you as well.

How does Selected text make money?

Of course, operating Selected Text requires time and money, so we use affiliate links in all of our articles. This is our choice as an alternative to messy and invasive ads, which our site does not serve to visitors. Purchasing a product by clicking our affiliate links benefits us directly and helps us continue the effort at no cost to you other than the normal price of the item you purchase via our links. It also allows us to continue operating without ads.

Some products covered by Selected Text may have been received free of charge from companies in exchange for a review. However, we do our best to ensure this does not alter our published opinion of the product, as our goal is always to educate our audience on the features of a product according to our personal experiences, not to make companies look good in exchange for complimentary items.

Who built your site?

SelectedText.com was built by Reavis Digital, a web design agency based in Arizona.

Why write reviews?

We love writing, sharing our thoughts, and helping fellow shoppers make the best purchasing decisions possible. After giving quite a number of product recommendations to friends and family, we thought we might as well share our discoveries with the entire internet!