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If you’re on the hunt for a decent cookie sheet that doesn’t contain any type of potentially toxic nonstick coating, consider looking into this baking sheet and rack set from Wildone.

Baking Sheet Overview

Completely made of 18/0 stainless steel (meaning supposedly no nickel in case of allergy) these 18 x 13 x 1 Inch sheet pans come with two stainless steel cooking racks as well. They are said to be rust resistant, even though no nickel may make it more prone to rusting, so always dry after washing. They have a shiny mirror finish that seems to hold its own after a bit of wear and tear.

The first thing we noticed when receiving these pans was how heavy they were. Not so heavy that they were unmanageable, but just heavy enough to feel like quality.

Upon using them the last couple months, we’ve enjoyed the ease of clean up and the peace of mind knowing a scratch here or there won’t be releasing nonstick chemicals into our food. The sides of the pan are nice and deep, but are a little trickier to keep clean. A slight abrasive scrubber would do the trick though and we’ve avoided it only because we don’t want to mess up the beautiful mirror finish.

There are a few reviews complaining about warping, but after doing some thorough testing of our own, we don’t see this being a massive issue. You may hear the pan “warp” in the oven, but they always go back to form and cook food just fine without flinging it anywhere.

We grease ours up with a bit of avocado cooking spray before use and most things slide right off. Anything that may be a little more stubborn is just soaked in water for a couple minutes and will come off as well. Just try not to let them soak too long to avoid rust!

Baking Sheet Conclusion

Overall, we liked the pans enough to order another set for some family members since we can see these lasting much longer than any previous nonstick, aluminum pans we’ve used before. The price is right too! There’s usually even a coupon to clip for these guys, which makes them all the more affordable. You can purchase this baking sheet set on Amazon.

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