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With wireless charging becoming a standard feature in smartphones, Qi-compatible wireless charger accessories are increasingly ubiquitous in both homes and vehicles. In many cases, the solutions found in cars involve suction cups and visible wires, clearly out of place in their surroundings. Fortunately, Nomad has produced a wireless charger for Tesla Model 3 that feels completely at home in its compartment, as if Tesla made it themselves.

Anyone driving a modern, sporty vehicle from Tesla—particularly a Model 3 or Model Y—is likely a frequent user of the dedicated phone charging area, a recess that supports charging two smartphones simply by slotting them into the integrating Lightning or USB-C cables. This provides a much more pleasant charging solution than is found in most cars, but Nomad has taken this level of seamlessness to new heights with their Tesla Model 3 wireless charger.

Model 3 wireless charger basics

Tesla Model 3 Nomad wireless charger

Installing the device is straightforward; simply run the two USB power cables through the existing slots in Tesla’s charging console, plugging them into the two USB ports below. The wires are just long enough to reach the USB ports and limit how high the docking area can be lifted, so plugging into the ports can be a little difficult at first. Once completed, however, you’re not likely to think about it for a while, and your Qi-enabled smartphones will charge upon contact.

One potential compromise when installing the Nomad wireless charger is that it uses two USB ports, and Tesla only provides two ports up front. This means a USB hub or splitter is required to also take advantage of Tesla’s dash cam feature, which records video from the built-in Autopilot cameras to a USB flash drive inserted into one of these ports. I’m able to power my Nomad charger with both USBs plugged into a single splitter. While a minor inconvenience in comparison to the daily quality-of-life improvement the Nomad wireless charger provides, it’s something to consider when planning ahead for installation.

Once Nomad’s wireless charger is set up in your Model 3, it fades into the background and feels nearly as stock as any other part of the car. Placing your phone on the mat turns the indicator light orange to signal a charge in progress, which takes place at a 7.5W rate for two devices simultaneously. When your device hits 100%, the indicator light changes to white to signal a full charge.

After initial installation, the Nomad wireless charger isn’t something you ever have to think about again. Stepping into the car and placing your phone on the charger quickly becomes second nature, and the ease with which a Qi-enabled smartphone can be topped off is next-level. This is particularly important for owners of a car that uses a smartphone as its primary key, so making the process effortless is an important part of the experience of driving such a vehicle.

I tested this charger in a Model 3 Performance, and after countless 0-60 accelerations in 3.3 seconds and many turns and corners taken at speed, the Nomad wireless charger had no issues keeping my phone in place and charging. On top of that, the charger supports Plus- and Max-sized iPhones and will charge wireless through thick cases, so regardless of your setup, you should be covered.


All things considered, Nomad’s wireless charger for Model 3 is a must-have for any owners of this amazing car that use a smartphone with wireless charging capabilities. Keeping your phone topped off with charge is important for everyone, but more so for those who use their smartphone as a key to their car. Certainly, Tesla has a built-in solution for charging devices using cables, but the ease-of-use exhibited by Nomad’s solution truly completes the futuristic aura of the Tesla Model 3. The charger can be ordered directly from Nomad for $100 at the time of this writing.