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Everyone needs a reliable flashlight, but most options at local stores are too cheaply made for their price point. By spending $60, you can pick up a tough and long-term companion from Olight for the dark environments you explore.

OLight flashlight overview

The 3rd generation S10R Baton III stands at nearly 3 inches tall, providing up to an impressive 600 lumens of light. The entire case comes with the flashlight itself, a single lithium-ion battery, a triangular charging base, A micro-USB cable, and several pages of detailed instructions. For its compact size, it makes a handy tool for nighttime use.

OLight, for this line of flashlights, has chosen a unique spot to place the power button. The small, flat button is located about half an inch up, from the middle of the flashlight. Not only does this make it easier to power on, but it also gives room to the strong magnetic ring for the flat bottom of the flashlight. The button requires a firm press, so you won’t have to worry about it turning itself on in your purse or pocket during every day carry.

Regarding the physical feel for the product, the texture on the small handle isn’t nearly rough enough to provide a good grip. With its small size and somewhat slippery cold surface, it may be a good idea to attach the included lanyard, or double check your grip. Although I’ve dropped this multiple times on hard laminate and tile floor, the light continues to shine strong without fail.

Additional thoughts

Among the countless flashlights I have owned, none had a strong enough magnetic back like this one. Compliments of the small size and weight of the product, the magnet is definitely strong enough to hold itself up-side-down or sideways. Whether you’re digging around in your shed or under the hood of your car, the S10R III is certain to help you out.

There are several different combinations of button press patterns that you can input to get the result you prefer. There are 4 brightness settings, a “lockout” mode, and a strobe effect. To reach each brighter setting, you’ll have to hold down the power button for about two seconds. However, to quickly go to “turbo mode” (the brightest 600-lumen setting), you can double press the power button while the flashlight is off.

The “lockout” mode can be achieved by holding down the power button while the flashlight is off. The first light setting will come on, then turn back off. This disallows the flashlight to be turned on at all unless the button is held for a full two seconds, as opposed to pressing the button once normally. This serves to decrease the possibility of wasting battery life, as well as prevent the light from turning on and generating dangerous amounts of heat when unattended.

If you so happen to leave Turbo Mode engaged for 1.5 minutes, the flashlight has a safety feature that brings down the brightness to 50% to cool down for one minute, then precedes to shine at its brightest 600 lumens. This, of course, saves the battery and flashlight from not only overheating but from burning your hand.

The charger, named Charging Dock S, comes with a USB to USB-C cord, with the C side plugging into the charger itself. The 18-inch cable is easy to bend, making it easier for storage or to place behind desks, coupled with the very light weight of the charging dock. On top of the charger is a wide, metallic ring on which the flashlight rests while charging. Thanks to the flashlight’s magnetic backing, the flashlight will easily gravitate itself towards the charger when nearby.

Near the front is a small indicator that will light up when plugged in. The light will blink red continuously, stating that nothing is being charged. Once the flashlight has been placed, the red light will shine continuously until the battery is fully charged, at which time the light will turn green. Three small, rubber pads are located on the bottom to hold the charger in place, and they do a fair job unless the cord is tugged. This charger is advertised as compatible with previous generations of the S10R, as well as several other OLight products.


Overall, this light can serve you well. It’s durable, very practical, and easy to carry around day to day. Whether you casually collect flashlights or often work in dark environments, at $60, the Olight S10R Baton can and will serve a variety of possible needs for its impressively small size.

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